Before designing the concrete mix and the basic information needed to determine which of understanding of the main aspects? Before concrete mix design, basic information required to identify and understand the following main aspects: (1) standard design strength of concrete strength class and poor. Basic information (2) materials: including cement variety, intensity level, the actual strength, density; the type of sand, apparent density, fineness modulus, moisture content; stone types, apparent density, moisture content; if mixed with additives admixture species. (3) transportation, construction and other work requirements for concrete indicators such as the slump. (4) The durability requirements and project-related environmental conditions: such as freeze-thaw conditions, groundwater conditions and the like. (5) Engineering and Construction Technology: As Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Boom part geometry, reinforcement density, vibrated pouring methods. Mass Concrete Construction in vivo monitoring points which can be arranged in the arrangement 1. Scope of the monitoring points are arranged in the selected concrete pouring body should plan half of the axis of symmetry axis of the test area, the test area monitoring sites by plane layered arrangement; 2. In the test area, the location and number of monitoring points can be determined in accordance with the requirements of the body temperature of concrete pouring temperature distribution and temperature control; 3. On each test axis, monitoring sites should be at least four, should be arranged according to the geometry of the structure; 4. Pouring concrete along the thickness direction, to be arranged outside, where the bottom surface and the temperature measurement points, the rest of the measuring point should be according to the measuring point is arranged spaced not more than 600mm; 5. The effect of heat conservation and environmental temperature monitoring the number of points shall be determined according to specific needs; 6. The concrete pouring body surface temperature, the temperature is preferably less than 50mm concrete look at; 7. The bottom surface of the concrete pouring temperature, body temperature appropriate for the concrete pouring at the bottom surface of 50mm. What are the advantages and disadvantages of concrete Concrete advantages mainly reflected in the following aspects: (1) The wide range of sources Concrete accounted for more than 80% of the entire volume of sand, stone all local materials, its rich resources, reduce production costs. (2) a wide range of adjustable properties Depending on functional requirements, changing the mixing ratio of schwing concrete placing booms concrete materials and construction technology may be within a considerable range of strength, thermal heat resistance, durability and performance of concrete adjustment process. (3) before the hardening good plasticity Mixing concrete excellent plastic molding, the concrete can be adapted to the construction requirements of various shapes of complex structural member. (4) the construction process is simple, varied Concrete can be as simple manual pouring. Flexible use is also pumping, spraying, underwater construction methods depending on the environmental characteristics of the project. (5) Available Reinforcement Although the steel and concrete of two materials with different properties, but there are two nearly equal linear expansion coefficient, so that they can work together. To make up for the shortcomings of low tensile strength of concrete has expanded its range of applications. (6) have high strength and durability Modern high-strength concrete compressive strength of up to 100MPa or more, along with high impermeability, antifreeze, anti-corrosion, anti-carbonation, and its durable life of up to several hundred years. Concrete disadvantages: Self-important, long conservation period, greater thermal small Concrete Pump for sale conductivity, not heat, poor use of demolition waste recycling and other shortcomings, with concrete new features, and constantly develop new varieties to overcome these shortcomings and is constantly improved.

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